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"Coastal Rest's affordable, well-made Real Relax® massage chairs are a major upgrade from their lazyboy recliner counterparts."

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15-20 minute sessions, 1-3 times a week for maximum benefits.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews

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Favor-03 ADV photo review
May 28, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars On time delivery; good product for this price
Let me start with this: I am very satisfied with this product! I work long hours so having a massage...More
Let me start with this: I am very satisfied with this product! I work long hours so having a massage chair has always been on my list. I decided to buy a chair recently but did not want to spend too much money on it. I accidentally came across this product with a decent price. Of course, with a price like this, who wouldnt have doubt? I spent lots of times went through lots of reviews and finally I decided to click the purchase button. 2 weeks past and my patience came fruitful. The item arrived on time even though UPS showed "delay arrival time". The item came in 2 boxes: 1 box is for the armrests, 1 box is for the rest. The box is quite heavy around 130kg and requires 2-3 people to haul it in the house. All you have to do is mount both the armrests on the chair trunk and screw them together then connect a few cable and power and the chair is good to go. I immediately tried the zero gravity option in which the machine lied you all the ways downward. You can choose to have the machine massage various parts of your body or the whole body as a whole. Now, I cant wait to come home after long working hour to sit in my newly purchased chair.
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Favor-03 ADV photo review
Armalethar Jones
May 25, 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Nice Chair.
I received this massage chair for a Mother's Day gift this year and overall I really like it. I rece...More
I received this massage chair for a Mother's Day gift this year and overall I really like it. I received it way earlier than predicted and it was not too difficult to assemble, it came it two huge boxes one heavier than the other. Thank God I was home because, the UPS guy took it to my neighbor's door and was walking off when I told him wrong apartment. Anyway, had just a small problem when it was finally wouldn't turn on so, I called the customer service # in the back of the instruction book, no one answered right away but, we did receive a phone call back within some minutes. The guy said to check the hoses and if it still doesn't turn on, take the box off the back and make sure everything is connected because, through the travel sometimes something may come loose...well that's exactly what it was the blue connector in the back of the box was not connected after that...Boom it turned on and happiness every since. : )

It looks very nice and is well quality made and sturdy. It gives a good relaxing massage...the head, leg and foot massages are my favorites. Only thing is I wish the foot massage massaged the toes but, it doesn't seem to reach that far up. Also, it doesn't seem to massage the neck but, that's okay because, that's hardly an issue for me anyway however, I wish it had a little better neck support...I'll take care of that with a neck support pillow also after reading a ton of reviews I seen where some were saying that the back massage can be a little rough especially during first few times of use. They were right because, the next day my lower back and tailbone was sore but, on the reviews it was recommended that you use a folded towel or some type of padding. Tried it and it worked out perfectly, now I can enjoy my massage experience without the slight pain of the rollers.

I love the heat function as well and the blue-tooth music quality of the chair is awesome and top notch. The music comes from within the chair and it's good quality and clarity...really loving this feature as I put mine on nature sounds and lay back in full zero gravity and relax. Family members came over yesterday for Memorial Day and they all tried out the massage chair and everyone of them loved it. They thought I was fortunate to get such a nice gift as this massage chair. After adding a folded towel for my back to the chair, a neck support pillow and just getting to know my chair overall I love it. Very nice massage chair for the money and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this massage chair. : )
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Favor-03 ADV photo review
July 1, 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars I’m a massage therapist. This doesn’t replace a human massage, but it helps in between sessions!
Some of the other reviews were a little bit daunting, but with a little bit of common sense, it’s no...More
Some of the other reviews were a little bit daunting, but with a little bit of common sense, it’s not difficult to put together. This has been a product I have looked at for about three years and finally decided to pull the trigger on it. I wish I would have bought it sooner because I use it almost every day. My kids do too! The pressure can be intense the first squeeze on the calf muscles, But that’s usually because the muscles are super tight. By the second squeeze, it is totally fine. The back rollers can be a little too much on the kids, so they just put a small pillow behind them, and it works out just fine. I love the reclining feature so I can sit in it to watch tv and the heat and vibration feature to relax the muscles. I purchased mine from Elenker, and they have been phenomenal with their customer service: response time, attentive and thorough! I didn’t pull the trigger on this because I was so wary of so many different things, and my assessment to anyone else is just do it! You will be will be so happy you did!
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Favor-03 ADV photo review
Favor-03 ADV photo review
Favor-03 ADV photo review
Favor-03 ADV photo review
December 5, 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars Big, heavy and totally worth it
While the reviews for this massage chair are positive, I kept my expectations in check because of th...More
While the reviews for this massage chair are positive, I kept my expectations in check because of the low price point. I received it a few days ago and what a wonderful surprise.

First thing to know, the thing is big. And heavy. The UPS driver dropped it off on our driveway, and I was planning to attempt to bribe them to bring it until the basement but I was on the phone and my wife just signed the paper. After seeing the size and weight I don't think they would have done it anyway! Look at my pictures, they deliver the thing on and actual Pallet!!! I was very lucky that a friend of the family was at the house and wanted the take the pallet to do a craft project, otherwise I don't know what I would have done with it.

Aside from the weight (I recommend using those sliders to move the thing around, the chair was super easy to put together. A couple screws (they even provide a screwdriver) and I was up and running in about 15 minutes.

The massager does a great job, and the remote is also nice. You can even configure the remote options if you go into the settings. For example, in mild mode leave the leg airbags off. Tons of options. And it's nice how far the chair reclines back. The heat and vibration are also good. It doesn't to the best job on high up on the neck, and for me the airbags on the leg and chairs are really REALLY strong, but overall I think it's great!

The only big downside for me is that it's not comfortable as a regular chair. I work remotely and planned to replace a lazy boy chair I keep in my home office which I use in between meetings and while taking a break to watch some TV. As a massaging chair its fantastic, but if you just want to sit in the chair it's not very comfortable because of the massaging nozzles of whatever you call the parts which go back and forth. So I moved the massage chair to another room and brought my lazy boy back. Not a big deal which is why I still give it 5 stars, but I wish it could be a comfortable regular chair. I also wish they offered premium delivery (for a fee). Definitely recommend!
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Real Relax Favor-03

Full Body Massage: Air bags kneading massage, squeeze shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, combined with 8 massage rollers inside the backrest, heat therapy and foot roller massage, give you a full body relaxing.

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